The Importance of Being Earnest

I was the sound designer for this production of Oscar Wilde's classic in an intimate black box space.


Director: Ken Womble
Scenic Design: Nic Graves
Lighting Design: Naomi Gold
Costume Design: Anne Toewe
Photography: David Grapes II

Algernon personally plays a good deal of music in this show, so his character largely determined the sound design. This sampler includes a few excerpts of the piano pieces I selected. We got the department music director to play them in a halting style to show Algernon's reluctance to put in the effort to play well.

This is the scene in which Jack is looking through his closet for the bag in which he was found. The two cues, put back-to-back here, were made by taking the actor playing Jack into a recording room full of noisy props and letting him rummage through them. I edited together the most interesting bits from that session to make the cues.