Pride & Prejudice

I was the sound designer on this lovely and elegant producton. For this show, we chose to area mic rather than use body mics in order to not interfere with the costuming. This resulted in a particularly natural sounding show, with barely perceptible reinforcement. There was minimal use of sound effects, which had to fit the smooth, natural flow of the production. They included the following:

  • A sudden thunderclap followed by a 30 second rainstorm, which slowly faded out.
  • Many outdoor scenes featured a background ambiance of bird sounds, layered in stereo to accomplish an immersive, natural effect.
  • The show’s several ball scenes had extensive music, including one in which a custom made piano recording transitioned with a smooth fade into a string quartet version of the same piece. The music had to be carefully balanced against the spoken lines.


Director: Shelly Gaza
Scenic Design: J. David Blatt
Costume Design: Dr. Anne M. Toewe
Photography: David Grapes II